Which containers can be decorated?

R/: All the containers made by ENVASA can be decorated by silkscreen printing, being the minimum quantity the only limitation, as each container requires its own set of tooling. Our technical personnel performs the necessary adjustments to the printing process, according to the material of the container to be printed, which assures optimal results on any substrate

How many colors can be printed?

R/: On aluminum tubes, the maximum number of colors to print is four. On laminate tubes, the maximum number of colors to print is six. On plastic containers, the maximum number of colors is limited only by cost.

What colors are offered?

R/:  ENVASA has a wide array of line colors from which to choose from, for its containers and caps. All line colors are FDA approved for contact with food products. Additionally, any specific color can be developed, upon a customer’s request. All custom colors for particular applications are heavy-metal free.

What are the characteristics of laminate tubes?

R/:  The use of laminate tubes with a combined plastic / aluminum structure is experiencing an accelerated growth, because of the ideal properties offered by this combination:

  • The absence of “free points”, make them specially suitable for aggressive products.
  • Excellent barrier properties to light, oxygen, water vapor, oils, aromas and flavors, comparable to those of aluminum tubes.
  • Inert and physiologically harmless.
  • Their flexibility enables them to resist twitching and dents, as they enable a complete evacuation of its contents, maintaining their integrity throughout their useful life.
  • The laminated material is easily decorated, with high gloss and attractive finishes of high impact at point of sale.
  • They offer higher resistance to transportation and handling, resulting in lower scrap percentages during filling.

What types of materials are used to manufacture plastic containers?

R/:  ENVASA processes various plastic resins: High Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PET and PVC. Each of these materials possess unique characteristics, regarding chemical resistance, physical properties and appearance, which are adapted to the different needs of the products to contain

Which types of necks are offered for the containers?

R/:  ENVASA offers a wide variety of neck finishes, from 13-425 to 100-400, including the very familiar 24-400, 24-410, 24-415, 28-410, 38-400, etc. Additionally, in our toolshop, using the best technology available, we can design and manufacture any type of neck, according to the customer’s needs. Our sales representatives will be glad to explain the availability of neck finishes for a given container, or about the possibility to make a brand new one.