CSR and Sustainability

CSR and Sustainability

Letter of appreciation for Envases Comerciales (Envasa) S.A.

On behalf of Centro Nacional de Control del Dolor y Cuidados Paliativos,we deeply appreciate your aluminum tube donation, which we have received this year and years before. The aluminum tubes are going to be used to administer some especial medications, required by some patients treated here.


Dra. Claudina Aguilar Corrales

Director of Pharmacy

Centro Nacional de Control del Dolor y Cuidados Paliativos

Envasa RSE



Relay Race S.J. - Puntarenas

Congratulations to our peers for their performance in the relay race S. J. -Puntarenas. We achieve position number 12 for categories of companies and position number 36 in the general.


Sustainability awards… A successful closing.

Our SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS concluded successfully last October. Over twentyfive collaborators shared their IDEAS for practical application of the concepts of sustainability in terms of resources savings, promoted at ENVASA operations.

We extend our thanks and congratulations to each and all the colleagues who participated in this contest!

The three ideas that received honorable mention in the competition were:

- Weight Control in blow-molded containers. by Roosevelt Chavarria .

- Reutilization of water used in QC tests by Maricela Centeno.

- Replacing electric air extractors with wind-driven extractors by Wendy Cisneros.

 Sustentability Awards